Dekko ISHO prefers ESG investing which prioritizes optimal environmental, social, and governance factors or outcomes.

Prominent ESG issues influencing Dekko ISHO

The range of factors Dekko ISHO considers when making investment decisions has become much broader, reflecting this gradual diffusion of more progressive and holistic ESG values into the investing arena, which will play a key role in channeling resources into specific sustainability projects.


Organizations’ efforts to mitigate climate change and other environmental disasters such as biodiversity loss.


Human rights issues within an organization’s supply chain.


Workplace diversity and equal opportunities.

Our ESG Investment Roadmap

Our ESG impact investment optimizes risk, return and impact by elevating positive social and environmental goals to sit alongside financial ones. There is enormous, untapped potential in impact investment’s ability to improve people’s lives and benefit the planet.

Feature 1


We engage with policymakers to make the case for impact and agitate for a worldwide shift to impact economies.

Feature 2


We develop innovative ideas, approaches, and products for impact.



We bring together the global impact community to share knowledge and build understanding of the benefits of impact investment.



We foster local impact economies with private and public level.

Dekko ISHO’s ESG Impact Invests in 2021

Dekko ISHO has been driving the consideration of ESG factors by incorporating ESG data into the investment process to gain a fuller understanding of the companies.

Dekko ISHO invested in Fashol

Dekko ISHO Technologies Ltd. (DITECH), a concern of leading conglomerate Dekko ISHO Group, has signed a monetary and strategic capital investment agreement with Fashol Dotcom Limited, a B2B startup aiming to change the country’s age-old perishable supply chain using technology, data, and efficient logistics. The ceremony took place at Dekko ISHO’s corporate office and was…

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Dekko ISHO Group invests in Ecovia

Ecovia’s key vision is to tackle the irresponsible consumerism causing climate crisis, by bringing eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics Dekko ISHO Group, one of the leading Bangladeshi conglomerates, signed a monetary and strategic capital investment agreement with Ecovia, a bioplastic initiative with its innovation in compostable polymer, led by three young entrepreneurs from Dhaka. The…

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