Design Studio

Our product development studio that can help you create new styles and new garments. We can start with a sketch, a picture, or a verbal idea. We provide fashion design, sourcing, pattern making, and sample making.

Our Design studio was established to provide unique design solution to our customer. To be a key player, we recognize the need to invest in design and hence our own specialized Design studio.

The most critical factor for our success are:

  • Our design studio offers generic and customized collection. Value addition in design is very important to us.
  • Our combined strength of fabric design compliments our capabilities in the area of garment design.
  • A specialized design team constantly thinks of innovative ways to deliver a unique proposition to customers.
  • Our focus on design is backed by a dedicated facility.
  • Our designers visit the leading fairs of the world to capture the changing essence of fashion to keep us inspired by design and innovation.

We offer a wide range of woven tops and bottoms with a special focus on value additions. Our vertical set-up offers truly dependable design and sourcing solutions for your supply chain.

The advantages of a relationship with us are:

  • A vertically integrated set up from yarn to garments.
  • Basic, Stylized and High Fashion Tops & Bottoms for Men, Women and Children.
  • A wide repertoire of value additions like embroidery, printing, and garments washes.
  • Flexible production in terms of minimums and lead times.
  • A professional team which commits what we can deliver and delivers what we commit.