Sustainability Focused, Socially Responsible

Building eco-friendly practices in daily processes is a part of our culture.
Dekko ISHO Group has integrated sustainability into the business and is going through a major transformation in sustainable manufacturing. We are embedding sustainability and circularity in every realm of our value chain, making it the spirit of what we stand for. We have been focused on prevention and control of water wastage and air, noise & land pollution. We are striving to be the absolute benchmark and global leader in the use of the ESG framework and usage of sustainable practices.

We strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment by applying innovative thinking to every step of manufacturing process. Building eco-friendly practices in daily processes is a part of our culture. This culture inspires us to try to make more from fewer resources and minimize waste in every form. We attempt to contribute to a better environment by reducing water consumption, minimizing wastage & using renewable energy resources over conventional ones.


Improve Water Efficiency

We are continuously working to improve our water efficiency and have succeeded in bringing down the water consumption by a staggering amount. We have metering systems across the water distribution network.


Optimizing Energy Consumption

Energy conservation implies reducing energy consumption at the organizational level. Energy conservation differs from efficient energy use, which refers to using less energy for a constant service.


Hazardous Waste Handling

We have been following EPA rules for hazardous waste handling. We have a provision to handle the solid waste generated from effluent treatment plants in the form of dry sludge.


We conduct regular training & awareness programs as an effort to imbibe the culture of sustainability within the organization. For these programs, we engage our internal trainers & awareness experts. Goals are regularly set for the program and it targets all employees at all levels right from workers to managers.


Our social initiative which is not only based on upcycling but also dedicated to women empowerment.


We take pride in aligning our corporate governance initiatives with globally accepted best practices while being sensitive to the cultural perspectives in operation.