Actively engaged in improving the lives of people

As a good corporate citizen and industry leader, Dekko ISHO has a responsibility to actively engage in improving the lives of people in the communities where we work and where our employees live. We have established a charitable fund to institutionalize ongoing giving efforts and each year we aim to contribute a good amount to organizations with missions aligned to our corporate strategy, with which our employees are personally involved or in support of the communities in which we live, work and operate.

Community Impact Puts People First

At Dekko ISHO, we put people first. Nowhere does that shine through stronger than in our strategic model for Community Impact. Over the past year, our DI has focused efforts in our communities into three overarching themes: Health and Wellness, the Environment and Education. Through the Strategic Model for Community Impact, our employees are empowered to align their professional skills with community-based initiatives, resulting in a far greater chance of having a tangible, positive impact in our communities.


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Enjoy the cool and calm air of the mountain tops.

Health & Wellness

We are committed to being a leader in safeguarding the health and safety of our employees. We believe that the safety and health of our employees is of the highest importance. We seek to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses and promote healthy and safe lifestyles for our employees and their families.


Our commitment to the environment goes beyond legal compliance and extends to actions intended to reduce our environmental footprint through our operations, products and supply chain. In our operations, this commitment is reflected in our efforts to prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources – efforts incorporated into supply-chain commitments. Our efficient power management solutions increase the energy efficiency of our factories, machinery, and buildings, to conserve natural resources, shrink the carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact of everyday life.


With the main motive of “Free and Compulsory Education” for all, we facilitate an enabling environment in which every underprivileged child and woman is able to exercise her economic, social and cultural rights with an emphasis on education or alternative livelihood training. It also promotes the right to health to help transform herself to an economically independent adult.