Quality & Compliance


The management at Dekko ISHO champions the concept of compliant and sustainable growth. Our premier raw materials are REACH compliant. The majority of the raw materials procured in Dekko ISHO Limited is from an ISO 14001:2004 Certified & environmentally compliant sourcing factory. The management is stringent on all compliance issues and regular internal and external audits are carried out.

Dekko also has very stringent regulations regarding Occupational Health & Security. The Company strictly follows government building regulations as well as having ample firefighting equipment and exits, first aid box, filtered drinking water facilities in the production floor and day care facilities.

Dekko ISHO also complies very stringently with ILO regulations and has group insurance and provident fund facilities for the whole workforce. The company pays special attention towards occupational health and safety issues as all on the job accidents and liabilities are covered by the company. Special regulations are also in place to ensure that protective gear is worn in places with health hazards