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At Dekko ISHO, our chief objective is to nurture growth at all levels. We strive to attract, enhance and retain the best talent and to build a culture that drives individual, organizational and business growth through talented, engaged and committed employees. To achieve this we focus on learning, career development, performance management, and benefits.


Our role is to ensure that Dekko ISHO is a true ‘learning habitat’, which grooms people and their talents giving them the skills they need to excel.

Hence, training of personnel at all levels of organization is an essential component to augment and update the knowledge base.

Finally, we play an essential role in shaping development processes that help people advance their careers as far and as fast as they can. We believe in continuous improvement paving the path towards growth of organization as a team.

The focus of Dekko ISHO is our people. Our employees are hardworking individuals and passionate team players. We care about each other, what we do and how we go about doint it. All for the common goal: to provide value and quality to our buyers and customers by being fair and efficient in everything we do.

Al Amin Sarker RezaExecutive Director

What I love most about my job at Dekko ISHO is 1) the people I work with, and 2) the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me. I have always loved that the manager's I've had did not micro-manage, and I've proven that they don't need to. I therefore extend the same courtest to the people that reports to me.

U Sha Thuwei MarmaDeputy Manager, System & Networks

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