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DITECH – Dekko ISHO Technologies Ltd.

Dekko ISHO Technologies Ltd., also known as DITECH, is the latest tech initiative by Dekko ISHO Group in 2021. It’s working with many high scalable technology sector like Cyber Security, IoT, AI, Big Data.

Agami Washing Ltd.

Agami Washing Ltd. was inaugurated on 2015, is partnered with all the top buyers of Dekko ISHO Group and provides clothes with top quality washing and processing.

Agami Fashions Ltd.

Agami Fashions Ltd., established in 2015, is also an export oriented woven garments factory, based in Chandra, Gazipur.

Globus Garments Ltd.

Globus Garments Ltd., inaugurated in 2013, specializes in Woven items and a fully export oriented factory. Boasting 18 lines and 1319 sets of machineries, Globus Garments produces over 300,000 pieces of clothing per month.

Dekko Readywears Ltd.

Dekko Readywears Ltd. is one of the 100% export oriented garments and it’s a sister concern of Dekko ISHO Group. The factory was established in 2006 and specializes in Woven items.

Dekko Apparels Ltd.

Dekko Apparels Ltd., established in January of 1992 and specializes in woven items, is one of the 100% export oriented RMG concern of Dekko ISHO Group.

Dekko Garments Ltd. (Old)

Dekko Garments started at the beginning with 3 lines, and now the unit has expanded to over 108 lines.

Roxy Paints Ltd.

Dekko Group, founded by Late Haji Mohammad Ishaque, was one of the pioneering entrepreneurs of the country in the early 1950’s, with the founding of the first venture, Roxy Paints Ltd.