• We produce the perfect rotation of outerwear and denim jackets for women with an assortment of classic silhouettes and styles with refreshing new details. From faux fur trim to embellished denim and sherpa, we keep each piece fun and playful in its own way. Our outerwear and jean jackets for…

  • We are leader in producing high quality women’s denim tops and blouses in all sorts of styles, designs and range in size with many styles to our workwear roots with a feminine edge. These comfortable and versatile denim shirts can be adapted to a variety of looks and occasions.

  • This rugged heavy denim workwear can withstand harsh work environments. Compared to regular denim, heavyweight jeans have superior strength, durability and long-lasting designs. With our many variety of denim shades, we can manufacture your next pair of well-built heavyweight jeans.