Shahid Hossain

Mr. Shahid Hossain, Chairman, Dekko Isho Group, started contributing to the business during his Masters from Dhaka University. He was instrumental in establishing the group from the very beginning and he had a significant contribution to the towering growth to the group. Mr. Shahid’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent, famously generous. To ensure flawless placements and candidate and client satisfaction, Mr. Shahid also maintains and regularly enhances a database that helps assess client compatibility. He believes that “We develop partnerships, not just customers. Our relationships with our partners rely upon more than a simple one-time transaction.” Mr. Shahid’s calculating, sharp business management skills have led Dekko Group to prominence. His continued leadership promises to drive successful expansion and lead the RMG markets in the future. Mr.Shahid holds a bachelor’s degree from Dhaka College and a masters degree from Dhaka University.

Rayana Hossain

Rayana Hossain believes that design should be embedded at every level of any organization. Her education from Harvard University cemented her passion for making design and creativity a priority so that it can be used for transforming systems and inspiring innovation. Coupled with curiosity and determination, she applied her breadth of knowledge and experience in design to an established business of Dekko group. Since then the leaders of Dekko not only have taken some bold bets but also ventured into businesses that are built on innovation, similar to its own roots of pioneering in paints and garments industries. Rayana has already started a furnishing company, ISHO, a stepping stone for smart home solutions in Bangladesh, as part of Dekko. ISHO follows the philosophy of cumulative knowledge construction to develop the most valuable user experience, evolving customer needs while embracing the collaborative nature of design.

Prottoy Hossain

Prottoy Hossain, Director of Dekko Isho Group, has vision to tackled the unenviable task of transforming business models by rallying against existing capitalist principles. He is a changemaker, a growing leader in sustainability. Under his leadership, Dekko Isho has invested in deep tech and green tech, as sustainable bio initiative to reduce overall environmental footprint and increasing its positive social impact. He has great understanding of the need to collaborate on non-competitive issues to achieve sustainable business success. He drives a strong approach to tackling climate change throughout the business. The hugely ambitious target of creating a zero-carbon business is one of his most famous legacies. He has become people uniter, bringing teams and entire organizations together and leading them in a common direction. His visionary leadership style tapping into the flair of storytelling or symbolism to paint a powerful picture that energizes people toward the future goal.